Prompt and Dependable Courier Services in Arizona

“By exceeding customer expectations and meriting trustworthy relationships, we have been able to achieve and maintain our reputation in our industry of which we are very proud.”

Delivery Courier Freight Package Shipment CartonAt Gopher Courier Express, we make certain that your package gets safely to its destination on time. We provide courier services in Arizona and across the South West with non-stop direct deliveries by car or van for everything from small packages up to loaded pallets.

We offer a range of courier and package delivery solutions, including:

  • All Day/ 1/2 Day / Expedited (2-hr.)/ Direct/Urgent service
  • TSA certified next flight out and airport retrieval
  • Customized routes and services to meet client needs
  • Dedicated drivers for daily runs, scheduled stops, routed deliveries, and pickups
  • Scheduled or routed end-of-day deliveries and after-hours delivers

Supporting a Wide Range of Businesses

Courier Knocking On Door Of House To Deliver PackageWe provide courier delivery services to all major industries and businesses while specializing in certain fields that require extra attention and dedicated support.

Gopher Courier Express easily handles time-sensitive medical deliveries and materials that require specialized support, such as x-rays, lab samples, and interoffice files. We also offer bulk mail pickup and delivery. Our team is relied upon by a range of contractors for construction site deliveries, and we also serve as “mobile tellers” for many local banks. We do this task by picking up deposits and delivering them to the banks while coordinating bag exchanges. We’ll meet your needs with regular routed pickups or on-demand call-ins.

Getting the Messages and Deliveries Through

Close-up image of mail worker checking information on parcelsOur courier service dispatch department is second to none. The dispatchers are in constant contact with our drivers via the latest in computer and communication technology to send pickup orders. Our team of drivers can easily update the dispatch computer remotely to time-stamp every pickup and delivery. Your package is under our complete control on every phase of its journey.