Track Delivery Packages in Arizona with Confidence

When you ship a package that needs to arrive at its destination by a certain time, you don’t want just to hope it gets there. By choosing Gopher Courier Express, you can have complete confidence in the status of your shipment as we employ the technology to track delivery packages in Arizona and across the Southwest.

All of our delivery solutions benefit from using the skills of our team, which is second to none in the industry. Our dispatchers work closely with our drivers through GPS, computers, and communication technology to track your package and send pickup orders. Drivers update the dispatch computer remotely to log the time of every pickup and delivery, so the customer, and our team, know the status of each throughout each stage of its journey.

We use technology to more than track your package. You can place a service order online and get an instant email confirmation. You will also know when the package has been received at its destination with immediate signature confirmation.

We offer customized package delivery routing for your shipment as well as on-demand priority delivery. Contact us today to utilize our services for your deliveries.